Matrix 2010 model full description and price


Toyota Matrix 2010 model full description and price

Toyota matrix seems to one of best product of cars produced by Toyota In the last ten  years.

Because of this the demands of Toyota matrix has increased to greatly in the last five years but that does not get rid of the fact that it is out dated, since Toyota company is focused on building new cars.

But in Nigeria we mainly make use of cars that has been used by developed countries or let me say outdated cars.

This is a result of the price in the car and cost of transportation, initially when a car is been produced for the First time it price will be in affordable for common man and that why we go for the outdated once to reduce the cost.

Toyota Matrix 2010 model full description

For researchers who had been trying to figure out or have a glance of how it looks like and hidden secrets this post is for you.

First of all the Matrix has a sporty and handsome look, a true  crossover utility vehicle and that has made it stand out among others.also The Matrix’s front fascia is almost no different from the Corolla. The roof looks couple’s style, which eclipses a bit of the hot hatch’s beauty.

It also has a large portable structure which makes it possible to be used as a family car.

Toyota matrix has a nice dashboard that had not been seen in most Toyota vehicle as it can absorb heat from the sun and prevent damage on the dashboard.

It also has an adorable seats that can convey a man and his household. It roof it well designed with the finest material and can absolve head conduction/radiation. it’s a four wheel drive car with portal steering.

Lastly it has a v-shapped engine that can withstand and climate condition.

Hidden Features of Toyota matrix

Some hidden features of Toyota matrix that has increased it demand are listed below.

  • 26 mpg City/32 mpg Hwy Gas Mileage
  • Gas I4, 1.8L engine.
  • Small Station Wagon.
  • Four door and five passenger capacity.
  • Front Wheel Drive
  • 5-speed manual transmission

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