Samsung Galaxy S10 Full Features and Price


Samsung Galaxy S10 Full Features and Price

Another device has been produced by the south Korean country this device is named Samsung  Galaxy S10, it was named after the tenth Galaxy S series.

For lovers of Samsung out there who might has been checking on phone updates this post is for you.

On this post we are going to do a complete review on the latest Samsung Galaxy device.

Meanwhile Samsung Galaxy is celebrating it tenth Galaxy S series and this celebration comes with a new beautiful device for it users.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Full Features

So Following the high rating and demand on Samsung Galaxy product it gave us the idea of keeping our eyes on the latest updates from Samsung. Below are features for Samsung Galaxy S10.

  • Appearance: The appearance of a device matters a lot, it has a nice curve and a smooth surface and it also comes in different brand and style for people to make selection.
  • Screenshot/display: samsung S10 is a standard display at it was well built it has a 6.1 inches Dynamic AMOLED capacitive touchscreen  (1440 x 3040 pixels) (550 ppi).
  • Storage: it storage capacity is not been left out, large amount of space was been provided and also a high ROM to enhance the speed it comes with 8GB/128GB ROM or 8GB/512GB RAM (expanded with a memory card of up to 512GB).
  • Camera: it comes with three magnificent cameras 12MP + 12MP + 16MP Rear/10MP Front (With LED light).

Other features of Samsung Galaxy S10

  • durability: naturally Samsung Galaxy products are extremely durable and withstands high pressure, fortunately this device holds more than that.
  • Speed: Samsung Galaxy S10 is very fast in Browsing,games, coding and other things.
  • Portability: it portability can never be overemphasized, it very portable when held and can fit in any pocket seize.

Price of Samsung Galaxy S10 

As of today the updated price of this device is $899 and can be gotten at the rate of  #32500 in Nigeria.

You can order this product instantly to your doorstep on jumia.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Full Features and Price


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