Honda pilot 2018 Model Features and Price


Honda pilot 2018 Model Features and Price

It’s no more news that Honda one of the largest car producing has released another model for Honda pilot.

The car comes with extreme outstanding features and has been on high demand since publication.

First and foremost Honda pilot 2018 model has a stylish design just like Honda Civic and Honda Accord.

Secondly it very strong and can fit in Nigeria bad road( no offense).

It has a large boot storage facility that can accumulate large goods.

It interior can not be left out as it has a nice Interior, featuring it colourful dashboard which can withstand sunlight and also it seats arrangements are supper cool.

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Features of Honda pilot 2018 model

Below are the features of this car that has caused it increase in demand in last few years.

Durability: durabilty is the main features that is to check in a car properly, Honda pilot happens to be a car that was customized to fit in Nigeria kind of environment. It can with stand various roads and temperature.

Engine: this has comes with a v-shapped engine that gives it advantage over any temperature or weather, it can travel over a long period of time without tripping off, lastly it not engine oil selective.

The Honda Passport engine is a 3.5-liter, V6 engine which produces 280 horsepower and 262 pound-feet of torque.

Low cost of maintenance: another factor which makes this car to stand out from others is it low cost of maintenance, unlike some Toyota products it’s difficult for s common man to maintain. Lastly not spare parts are numerous and are highly Affordable.

Current price of Honda pilot 2018 model

The current price of Honda pilot 2018 model is #3.500000

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Honda pilot 2018 Model Features and Price


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