Toyota Prius Hybrid Features and Price


Toyota Prius Hybrid Features and Price

Toyota happens to be on list of top ranking/selling cars in Nigeria, USA, UK and Australia.

This Toyota Prius Hybrid model has been on high demand since publication, the car happens to be well constructed with a beautiful Design some do it a sport car.

Unlike Toyota Corolla or  Camry, Toyota Prius Hybrid has a large boot storage that can serve a whole family when traveling.

Lastly we could say that it can withstand bad pressure and roads at it shock absorber is perfectly built.

Note: this car is an electric power car (EV)

Complete Features of Toyota Prius Hybrid

Below are some features of this car that has placed it on high demand.

Car Engine: Engine is said to be the heart of a vehicle and should be checked first.

Firstly it has an Engine Size (Liter + Volts) of 1.8L four-cylinder + 600 V,Engine Power (hp) of 90 + 80, 1-speed planetary gear transmission and finally a Combined MPG  Rating of 56.

Cost of maintenance: the cost of maintenance is very crucial, one exciting aspect is that it has low fuel consumption rate but as a user you must service the car when needed and also you are to keep an eye on the car incase of any fault.

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Appearance: Toyota Prius Hybrid is extremely beautiful when viewed at sight it has a range of designs along sides with colours, it Interior and exterior are perfectly okay, it comes with a nice dashboard and a good sitting arrangement.

Price of Toyota Prius Hybrid

As of today Toyota Prius Hybrid is been sold at the rate of $7200 in United States and at the rate of #3.5 million in Nigeria 

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