Toyota Corolla 2015 Features and Price


Toyota Corolla 2015 Review

Good day readers many has been searching for info on Toyota Corolla, funny enough Toyota use to be one of the highly rated car in Nigeria, not that is better than any other price but it’s economical and beautiful and that has increased it demand.

This Toyota Corolla has a magnificent body size that can accumulate you and your house hold, it economies fuel and saves a lot of money.

moreover It’s easy to maintain and has a nice warming engine that fits NiGERIA type of road.

Features of Toyota Corolla 2015 model

One this article am going to carefully discuss on Toyota Corolla in full so as to enable you select your choice.

Toyota Corolla Engine

 engine they said is the most vital part of the car, the section was not left out in the development as it has a continuously variable transmission (CVT) that is reliable and a 1.8 liter 4 cylinder DOHC engine. It puts out 132 horsepower, thanks to its fuel injectors that are conventional.

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Body appearance

Firstly It has a nice body arrangements just like Honda Accord (sporty shape). It comes in different body paint for users to select, it head lamp can travel a long distance thereby enhancing visibility.

It turkumbo do come with a metal ream which can be changed to an alloy wheels to add more beauty and efficiency.


 this car was carefully built in all ramifications, starting with the stylish car the dashboard that can withstand the heat from the car and prevent cracking but is advisable to use dashboard cover/lays to protect them.

Meanwhile Taking about the seat arrangements and also the boot storage all are excellently made.

Different Brand

Subsequently there are four different model of Toyota Corolla there are been listed below

  • LE which is mostly common
  • L.
  • S.
  • And lastly LE Eco.

Toyota Camry happens to be a fifth generation car so it up to the tasks.

Different Price of Toyota Corolla

There are different prices of Toyota Corolla pending on the level it is, well am going to distinguish them with their prices also.

  1. Brand New Toyota Corolla is been sold at the rate of 6million.
  2. Tokumbo Toyota Corolla is sold at the rate of 3.5 million.
  3. Niger users tokumbo can be gotten at the rate of 2million.

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