How to activate 30GB on MTN For Free


How to activate Free 30GB on MTN

Hello, readers you might have been hearing the rumor on how to activate Free 30GB on MTN.

It not just a rumor, it is perfectly working and I have been rocking it badly since it was founded.

Luckily this data package can be gotten by everyone who has an MTN Sim card.

Have you been complaining of data or you have been offline recently, or has the pandemic affected you ? Don’t worry we got you covered in this as we will give a brief explanation on how to get it.

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Most importantly this trick can be done over and over again until the cheat is no more so you can stay online and do anything you like while it last.

Requirements for activation of the 30GB plan

Below are things you need to  have in other to partake in this free browsing trick on MTN.

  • A new registered MTN Sim card.
  • 3G/4G mobile network.
  • Smart phone with version not less than 5.0
  • Chamelephon APK or mtk engineer app, you may download it  here.
  • You will need this vital tool called IMEL Generator, which will help you to tweak your imel number.

How to successfully activate 30gb on MTN step by step

Okay you are now ready to activate this  data on MTN so follow the guide below.

  • Open the chamelephon or mtk engineer app you donwloaded.
  • Now pick an imel number from the list of numbers from the image below and carefully examine it.
  • Carefully change the last four digit number from the imel number you selected before tweaking
  • Paste the IMEL number on the space provided on the chamelephon app.
  • Now turn on airplane mode on your phone for some minutes then turn it off.
  • Finally dial #*06# to see if your imel number has been changed successfully.
  • If you followed this step correctly  you will receive a message saying “ thank you for purchasing MTN mifi device.  You can now start enjoying you data.

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How to enjoy double 30gb data on mtn

You can activate this data as many time as possible, to do this select another imel number and tweak it.

Note: if you don’t understand this don’t tweak your imel number.

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