How to browse for free on VPN

Browsing for free has been the major concern of most people across the country, many people spend alot on mobile subscriptions in a month and this makes some individuals most times bankrupt.

Most times low data makes users stay offline and stay outdated from the happenings online.

Since the interception of this Global pandemic which lead to lockdown of several places getting money to purchase airtime is now difficult for most people.

But on this post I have written how you can browse for free on the Internet, and this information is totally free for all our readers.

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Properties of this VPN 

  • It is totally free for use.
  • It connects in seconds.
  • Works in all phones.
  • Available in all countries.
  • Easy set up.

Requirements for activating this free Browsing plan

  • 3G/4G/5G Network.
  • MTN sim.
  • An Android phone
  • Download application from playstore.

   How to activate this free browsing plan

  • Download and install the app from playstore.
  • Sign up as a new member with your correct credentials.
  • Finally chose a region and connect.

How the free browsing trick works

Firstly this app is totally free it does not require anything from you.

When you sign up with the app it does not give you data instantly but requires you to locate the server with you own data.

When the VPN is connected it takes full control of 10% of your online charges for browsing thereby reducing the expense rate.



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