Skoda Rapid TSI 2014 Model Spec and Price in New Zealand


Skoda Rapid TSI review in New Zealand

Skoda has been known worldwide for it efficiency in the last few years, skoda has been used and trusted by many users in New Zealand.

On this post we are going to write on Skoda Rapid TSI 2014 model, this car is extremely okay and it features can not be over emphasised.

Talking about it inward and outward Appearance it is exceptionally good to go, moving down to it engine which was properly built to suit any condition.

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Features and spec of Skoda Rapid TSI 2014 model

If you have intention on picking this car as your next ride then this post it for you.


Skoda Rapid TSI is absolutely irresistible when starting from it portability which can’t be overlooked, moving down to it structure it an appearance just like a sport car with wonderful boot and Burnet,it was made with sedan.

It has a stylish alloy wheels which beautifies it the more. It’s also has a well built dashboard that can resist the heat.


Luckily it comes with a powerful engine of  1390cc which makes it powerful to withstand pressure and work effectively.

Also it’s it is a two wheel drive vehicle with an automated transmission. It comes with five seats for both driver and passenger.

Skoda Rapid TSI 2014 model can run for about 68,756km.

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Current Price Of Skoda Rapid TSI 2014 model in New Zealand

On this post we used a red Skoda Rapid TSI for those who are yet to know the car.

So the current price of Skoda Rapid TSI 2014 model is $12,880. And if you need it you can comment below on this post for further verification.

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Skoda Rapid TSI review in New Zealand


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