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Federal polytechnic Offa affiliated to futminna

Offa poly affiliated to futminna

It’s no more news that the federal university of technology Minna has established a degree program in federal polytechnic Offa, also this programme has been on for numbers of years and lots of people has graduated.

You don’t really need to ponder on what sort of results would be given to those that graduated from the programme because they will certainly be issued a degree certificate.

Fed Poly Offa commences degree programmes

Futminna being a school that has been recommended for it higher educational standards, in addition it has ranked third in technology of course  fed poly Offa wasn’t just given the opportunity to run a degree programme, it has been examined and confirmed by futminna.

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Furthermore, all courses in Offa poly degree programmes are being accredited that’s is to say they went through the accredition process before they we given the privilege to run a degree programme.

So, candidates who wish to obtain a degree certificate must not go to futminna to obtain it, they can run it at offer poly. Nevertheless it’s also important to note that Bida poly is also affiliated to futminna.

How many years will I spend in Offa poly degree Programmes?

The amount of years you will spend depends solidly on your course, meanwhile I will advise you to take not that futminna is a technology institution, therefore most courses are being studied for five (5) years.

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Lastly if you have any enquires concerning Offa poly affiliated to futminna we would be more than happy to respond to you, you may reach us via the comment box.

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