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Is jamb still giving Admission?

Is jamb still giving Admission?

Is jamb still giving Admission?

This question is frequently asked  by a lot of aspirants each year, candidates tends to get desperate when the Admission is not forth coming.

This question tends to come in the minds of aspirants when the first, second, third batch of Admission list had been released, Normally it’s so frustrating to see other candidates been admitted and you are yet to be.

The disgusting aspect is when you see them going to pay acceptance fee or sometimes the school commencing lectures. We have all had same experience and it really not funny.

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But the big question remains is jamb still giving Admission? no doubts yes jamb is still giving Admission, as matter of Fact jamb has not other job to do than to run Admission and other related activities, everything being carried out on JAMB CAPS is been pointed to Admission.

So, I will employ your to keep calm and wait till you are admitted.

Things to do when you are yet to be Admitted

Not being admitted when your colleagues are being given Admission is quite frustrating, but you don’t have to keep crying you need to ask yourself this questions.

  1. Did I meet the cut off points?
  2. Have I uploaded my Olevel?
  3. Did I make five credits in my Olevel including maths and English?
  4. Have I checked the catchment areas and other areas?

This things should come to our minds when we are yet to be admitted.

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So in cases where you didn’t meet the cut off points you can switch to another course or search for another school who’s cut off mark is lesser.

Secondly if you are yet to upload your Olevel results you can quickly visit the nearby cafe or school and upload them.

Thirdly, Making five credits  including English and maths is so essential, if you didn’t I guess you should find another alternative.

Lastly you should go through list of catchment areas for that school to find out if your State has less chances of Admission, and since your scores aren’t that high it’s better you change institution.

Bonus: I always give this advise to candidates every year and only a few takes advantage of it,  you mustn’t pursue your degree in that particular institution most Polytechnics do run affiliated programs for Universities, so when you round up the program you will be awarded a degree certificate no doubts, so the choice is yours to make.

Lastly For further enquires use the comment box.

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