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Actor disclose inside story of final ‘8 Mile’ Eminem battle

Over the years, “8 Mile,” a film about American rapper Eminem, has established a cult following and even helped the Detroit native win an Oscar for best album.

Eminem fans all over the world are familiar with the rapper’s iconic 8 Mile fight scene with Papa Doc, in which he establishes himself as the Shelter’s champion (a place where the rap battles take place in the movie).

You could, however, be unaware of anything there is to know about the rap battle.

Eminem, who portrays an underdog white rapper who, despite his tremendous talent, has previously been booed by the audience for “choking.” In the final scene, he goes up against the undefeated Papa Doc (Mackie) and beats him after going first.

B-Rabbit (Eminem) taunts Papa Doc in the final fight with the lines:

Dawg, what’s the matter? You’re ashamed, right?

Is this man a thug? Clarence is his first name.

Clarence, on the other hand, lives at home with both of his parents.

Clarence’s parents have a great friendship.

By Googling Mackie on the set, Eminem was able to add this material, according to Mackie.

Eminem approached Mackie on set one day and told him he liked him, according to the star. Eminem gave Mackie a suggestion after he replied that he liked the rapper as well.

So, before the whole 8 Mile final fight, he googles me and knows everything there is to know about me, and then he mocks me as Papa Doc. [Laughs] And then I’m like, Mr. Marshall, that’s a little personal… Why are you making fun of me? I grew up in a nice house, and my parents were nice to me [everyone laughs]. “He literally walked over and said, ‘This is going to be dope,’” Mackie said.

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