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Eminem blast back south Africa rapper says he’s no match for him

Lately it has been going viral on Instagram and Twitter that an South African rapper named nasty C claims he does better than Eminem In all aspects and that his lyrics are actually meaningless.

His words has been trending on Twitter and Instagram and Eminem fans has shown their angry reactions, many Twitted their opinions.

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This are his words:

“I can spank Eminem. The reason I say this cause recent Eminem is not really relatable. He is dope and bars are out of this world but he is not relatable. If you are rapper, you go crazy over it, if you are normal person it’s like you get at the end of the verse and you are like ‘what he just said? what the f**k was that.’ Me, on the other hand, I can do both. I can totally make no sense to a normal person or I can be super relatable. I can spank Eminem. I know you guys don’t believe that but don’t doubt me like that, dawg”,

On this regards it had left the popular rapper Eminem no choice than to speak on the matter. In his post he made it know to everyone that “ Nasty C is no match for me and I wouldn’t be engaging in some sort of argument with him”.

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Eminem left nothing on his handle other then clearing the air that he is no match for him.

Resources told hop4life that this situation might has been caused as a result of Eminem not rolling out as one of the Grammy winners. But Eminem has Twitted earlier that he give no fuck about there Grammy award.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Glamour

    March 19, 2021 at 9:56 pm

    Perfectly said by the goat

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