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Cardi B retweets Saying Eminem Declined a Feature Request for Her Next Album

Cardi B slammed a Twitter user who believed Eminem had turned down an offer to appear on her forthcoming sophomore album and made a judgmental remark in the process.

“Insiders Report: Eminem has now rejected an ft request for Cardi B’s upcoming project: says’she doesn’t care about the community or her craft,’” a Twitter account with less than 2,300 followers wrote. “Don’t shoot me, I’m just reporting what the insiders said,” a subsequent tweet added.

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When I get off the internet, you’re making a mess.” Cardi referred to a suggestion that Em had turned down the opportunity to collaborate with her. “I haven’t yet submitted any songs to any artists.” I admire his work and hold him in high regard. This is utterly illogical.

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The step appears to be a troll and/or clout-chasing, according to follow-up tweets from the original account.

Bardi’s response also unwittingly confirmed that her album isn’t as close to completion as we’d hoped, which, on the bright side, means a potential collaboration between the Bronx rapper and Marshall Mathers isn’t out of the question.

Following the success of her song “Up,” which peaked at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100, Cardi has had to debunk further myths, including whether her new single’s success was due to payola for radio airplay. She wrote on Instagram, “They love to run with the ‘Payola’ to make them feel better.”

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“Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t [debut] at number one because of my low radio play, and WAP barely made radio because it was so explicit, but it still made number one.”

Cardi scored her fifth No. 1 single with “Up,” making her the first female artist in history to have five No. 1 singles.

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