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Not admitted yet on CAPS, see what to do

Not admitted yet on CAPS

It’s frustrating to see others CAPS changing  from not admitted yet on caps to Admission in progress and then finally admitted.

A lot of candidates has been frustrated due to the fact that they haven’t been admitted despite their good performances in both Post UTME and JAMB.

Nevertheless it’s important to note that not all candidates who applied for Admission into an institution would get admitted. Following the statement by jamb registrar, he said that 2020 Admission was been delayed by the pandemic, strike and other unpredictable factors. He stated that jamb has commenced distribution of Admission for various schools in Nigeria and are rounding up the process in other to begin another section.

Hearing this it’s disheartening to recall that you are still having Not admitted on CAPS yet boldly written. But things shouldn’t be that way you could change situations if you are ready to take the bull by the horn.

Reasons why you are still seeing Not admitted yet on CAPS

Not admitted yet on CAPS

Below are the reasons why your jamb caps has not changed to Admission in progress nor Admitted.

  1. You failed to meet the cutoff mark been set by the school: schools are very strict when it comes to cutoff mark, a lot of candidates applied for that same course you intend studying and the only way to reduce applicants is to introduce cut off Mark’s, although in some cases where a lot of aspirants exceeded the cut off mark the school might still decide to choose those with higher grades thereby ignoring those who met the cut off mark.
  2. Failure to upload Olevel result: this is another reason why you are still seeing not yet admitted on CAPS, a lot of students who used awaiting result when registering for jamb or post UTME ignorantly or foolishly failed to upload their Olevel results on jamb Portal and the school respectively. Check here to see how to upload them.
  3. Catchment areas: catchment areas are being considered in most cases in issuing Admission, some schools do consider ELDS and Catchment areas, check for your school here.
  4. Age: most Institutions believe that candidates below 18 years are not supposed to be admitted into the university.

How to change Not admitted on CAPS yet to admitted

It’s is the dream of all candidates to see their not admitted yet on CAPS change to Admission in process or admitted.

Meanwhile a lot of jambites has been scammed while trying to achieve this in the name of Admission runs.

Changing your Not admitted yet on CAPS to admitted shouldn’t be a difficult task for the smart ones.

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Below are steps to take to change your Admission status:

  1. change your course: it is now clear and obvious that you can’t get admitted into that course, although some Institutions do change candidates automatically if you did well but can’t get admitted in a course. Simple visit any nearby CBT center and do so, or you can try visiting the school.
  2. Change your school entirely: i will consider This as the best step to take if you are yet to be admitted, wasting your jamb score or Post UTME score will entails reading again and sitting with your Junior, take the bold step today and change your institution. See list of Institutions with low cut off marks.
  3. Apply for affiliation: a lot of universities are running affiliated programs in one Polytechnic or college, your Admission is certain once you have done that, and affiliated candidates enjoy a lot of privileges that students staying in the campus can not attain. Therefore take the bold step today while you can, check here.
  4. Apply for Polytechnic or college: it is not written anywhere that Polytechnic graduates are failures, take your time today and search for any polytechnic or college that suits you.

Having known this it’s your choice to let your Admission status still remain as Not admitted yet on CAPS, also note that jamb is almost done with Admission for this year and you might have to start writing exams again.

If you have any questions concerning why your Admission status is still showing Not admitted yet on CAPS make use of the comment section.

Not admitted yet on CAPS solved

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