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Following reports of a drug overdose, the Hip Hop community has rallied around DMX.

According to TMZ, the Ruff Ryders legend OD’d and went into cardiac arrest on Friday night (April 2). DMX was airlifted to a nearby hospital in White Plains, New York, where he is now fighting for his life.

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Murray Richman, DMX’s attorney, told ABC7 that his client had a heart attack and was on life support, but he wasn’t consistent on the opioid overdose aspect.

Richman said, “I got a call this morning that Earl Simmons was in the hospital, at White Plains Hospital, and he had a heart attack.” “I don’t know how it happened, because he’s on life support.”

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Over the years, DMX has been open about his problems with alcohol and mental health. The 50-year-old rapper reluctantly discussed his various identities during an interview for the BET documentary The Ruff Ryders Chronicles.

“They’re not the same,” he explained. “I have a few things and a few people that help me get through life. I don’t want everyone to know what’s going on. I don’t mention them. You’ve already gotten me to mention them. No way. They’re there to help me get through my days. I’m not sure whether I made them or whether God gave them to me, or if conditions and circumstances gave them to me.”

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DMX revealed in another interview that he was coerced into smoking crack at the age of 14, which started his long journey into drug abuse issues.

He defined the moment as the birth of a beast. “I wouldn’t do anything like that to my worst enemy. That is not something I would wish on my worst enemy. Particularly for someone you claim to love. Why would you do something like that?”

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DMX has been to rehab on many occasions, the most recent being in 2019. The veteran artist appeared to be on the mend, with plans to release his first post-prison album this year, featuring Snoop Dogg, The LOX, Griselda, and U2’s Bono.

Eminem, Ja Law, Killer Mike, Ice Cube, Missy Elliott, and others have all expressed their condolences.

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