‘I don’t like how he behaved’ – Arsene Wenger slams Man City star after PSG win

Champions League


Former Arsenal manager criticised Fernandinho of ‘provoking’ Angel Di Maria during Manchester City’s Champions League semi-final win over Paris Saint-Germain and said he ‘did not like how he behaved’. Di Maria was sent off for violent conduct during PSG’s 2-0 defeat to Man City at the Etihad after clashing with Brazilian midfielder Fernandinho. Wenger told beIN SPORTS: ‘I have to say I don’t like how Fernandinho behaved tonight. It’s provocative. ‘If you send Di Maria off, you have to send Fernandinho off as well, for me.


He should already have had a yellow card and then he was provoking Di Maria. They both should have been off.’ Manchester City beat PSG 2-1 in Paris and were the dominant team yet again at the Etihad on Tuesday evening, with Riyad Mahrez’s brace sending them into their first Champions League final. On City’s 4-1 aggregate victory, Arsenal legend Wenger added: ‘Overall, Manchester City had less weaknesses than PSG.


‘You could say that PSG tonight played well, they showed top quality in some aspects of their game, but they were caught twice by counter-attacks. ‘Overall, I would say that for them now it’s important to analyse where they can improve, and it’s at the back. The defence, at the moment, is not good enough to win the Champions League. ‘They have huge potential but that’s where they need to correct it. They also need to become more calm and concentrated. ‘We cannot ignore that they finished both games with ten men. So it’s repeated as well. They need to improve their discipline when things don’t go well.’



Manchester City, who could become Premier League champions this weekend, will face either Chelsea or Real Madrid in the Champions League final on May 29. Former City goalkeeper Joe Hart told BT Sport: ‘This is a huge moment, people say this club has not got history at European level and it hasn’t, but it has a real soul – people have been through the highs and lows. ‘It’s a process and I’m really pleased for the fans. It’s a huge moment and fully deserved, but it’s not done. This is not a club that wants to get to finals, this is a club that wants to win finals.’

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