Ole Gunnar Solskjaer reveals apology from Glazer family after Manchester United supporter protests


Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has revealed that he has received a personal apology from the Glazer family and admits Manchester United need to improve their communication with supporters in the wake of Sunday’s protests. United fans turned up at Old Trafford to voice their disapproval of the club’s Glazer ownership, but some who were in attendance clashed with police, with one officer requiring hospital treatment for a slash wound to his face. United’s Premier League match against Liverpool was subsequently called off, while supporters have threatened to protest again before the season ends. Speaking about the protests, Solskjaer urged United supporters to remain ‘peaceful’ and has vowed that the club are looking to build a bridge with fans.


Solskjaer also said that he has received a personal apology from the Glazers over the plan to enter United into a European Super League. When asked for his thoughts on the protests staged by United supporters, Solskjaer said: ‘It was a difficult day for us.

‘Of course, we wanted to play, we wanted to beat Liverpool for the fans. Our job has to be getting good performances, good results on the pitch, that’s the players’ focus and my focus. ‘As I said before the game, we have to listen, we have to hear the fans’ voice. Everyone has the right to protest, it has to be in a civilized manner though, it has to be in a peaceful manner. ‘Unfortunately, when you break in [to the stadium], when police officers gets injured, scarred for life, that’s one step too far. When it gets out of hand like this it’s a police matter, it’s not about showing your opinions any more. ‘Of course, my job has to be focused on the results but you don’t really have to be a rocket scientist to see we have challenges and frictions and things that have to be dealt with with the communication.

‘Other individuals and me of course have started already. We’re discussing with the fans, we’re communicating with fan groups, which is going to be massive going forward. ‘I think the players have done terrific to be where they are. I would be sad if the players saw all their good work disrupted. Our focus is on playing well and getting to a final now. ‘Of course we want to listen, it has to be in a peaceful manner, it’s important. Please, voice your opnions, we know as a club we need to communicate better, I can refer back to the apologies, they’ve all accepted it came out wrong and it’s the wrong thing to do, which is a start, let’s continue on that.


I’ve been communicating with the owners, I’ve got an apology personally, and they’ve started communication between other individuals than me and the fans. ‘It’s a difficult position to be in for me, this. I’ve always had a good relationship they do listen to the fans and I’m sure there’ll be better communication coming.’

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