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This is summer & spring time in various parts of the world. Naturally, we look for cooling options to keep ourselves healthy and cool in summer. This is season where you can enjoy various fruits like Watermelon.
Juicy fruits not only protects you from dehydration but also gives you cooling effect refreshing you mood. There are many other things which you can include in your diet. Mint is among them. Mint is a green aromatic herb which has medicinal values. Mint is also known as pudina in India in hindi.

Today, I am sharing here a recipe of tasty and healthy cold sauce of mint. This cold sauce is quite healthy and you can use it as a tasty dip with many foods. You can add it to many food recipes to give it a great flavor. You can use it as spread on bread or in sandwiches, rolls etc.

Recipe of mint cold sauce to remain healthy & cool pic-1

So, let's get started…………..


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